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UBmail Powered by Google Opt-in January 1998-February 2014

Are you eligible?

  • You are eligible if you are a UB alumnus who graduated between January 1998 and February 2014.
  • You are eligible once you have registered on UB Connect, the online community exclusively for UB alumni. Not registered? Click here.
  • You are eligible if you graduated in May 2014 or after, but you have a different opt-in form. Please click here.
  • If you are an alumnus employed by UB or if you are currently registered as a student, you will simply continue to use your UBmail as usual.
  • Graduate before 1998? You have two other options. Learn more now.

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Activate your UBmail Powered by Google

  1. Register on UB Connect. Not registered? Click here.
  2. You will also need your UBITName and person number. If you do not know them, submit this request.
  3. Complete the opt-in form below with all required information.
  4. Your UBITName will regain access to UBIT services within 48 hours (or more if you opted in on a weekend).
  5. If you know your UBmail password, log in (remember, it may take up to 48 hours for your you to regain access to UBIT services).
  6. If you do not know your UBITName password, learn how to reset it on the UBIT website.  

More questions?  Contact the UB Office of Alumni Engagement