University at Buffalo - Reaching Others.

Hayes Hall Blues

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On March 15, ya all know why
A group of faculty decided to try
To have a talk with one another in a friendly place
And maybe get a view of our acting leader’s faceless face.

It was a quiet Sunday, nothing going on.
Four hundred cops were policing the calm,
As we walked into that office, like reasonable men,

And you wouldn’t believe the things that happened to us then.


I got the Peter Regan Hayes Hall 45 Blues,

I got the Peter Regan Hayes Hall office Blues,
I was there 10 minutes, got 30 days to lose.

Doty called up Regan, he was in a daze.
He said, Fred Snell is here with his 40 T.A.’s,
And they’re standing on your carpets, sitting at your table too
It’s just an awful situation, only one thing to do.

Call the cops, stop playing games,

Throw them all in jail and give the papers their names.
We got to show the city we ain’t afraid or effete,

I mean this whole place would crumble once you start letting

teachers meet.


Regan said to Doty here’s the way to put them down,

I think the time has come to send in Albert Bush-Brown,

Why don’t you climb down Albert from your family tree,

Cause with your kind of sweet talk we can pacify these faculty.

Bush-Brown came in with an elegant glide
Says I want you boys to know that I’m really on your side,

I want to help save our university too,

So when I throw you all in jail you know that it’s hurting me
more than you.

Now bringing scholars to justice is no easy task,

They thought of three kinds of contempt and criminal trespass,

When it came to pressing charges, they didn’t have no shame,

They were just so happy to finally have somebody to blame.

So we bowed our heads in court before Justice’s sword,

Then looked up and saw Judge Hamilton Ward,

He said you’re paid to know better, shouldn’t lead your

students astray,

I don’t want to hear no philosophy, I think I’m going to

put you away.


From here on in it’s the D.A.’s show,

We got appeals to appeal, and two trials to go,
The Grand Jury’s looking to see heads roll,

And in Buffalo, man, we wouldn’t win no popularity poll.

Now justice costs big money in the U.S. of A.,

So if you got an extra dollar won’t you put it in the tray,

And we’ll sing until the morning til the break of dawn,

And we’ll dance the jurisprudence til the Hayes Hall Blues
are gone.

Dance the Juris,

And we’ll sing until the morning til the break of dawn,

And we’ll dance the jurisprudence til the Hayes Hall Blues

are gone.

—by Vizzy Goth and the Vicious Vandals