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Alumni Connections

Have you ever wondered where your teammate, roommate or lab partner ended up? Are you looking to network with other UB alums? Even with more than 236,000 UB alumni around the world, it’s easy to get in touch when you use these ways to stay connected.

UB Connect

Are you in? UB Connect is the online community exclusively for UB alumni. Find events, update your profile, read about alumni accomplishments in class notes, post your resume and more. FREE UB Connect Registration.

Alumni Map

UB alumni live in every state in the nation and in 130 countries around the world. Click here to see where they are.

Class Notes

Share your accomplishments and see what other UB alums have been up to. Submit a class note online now.

Alumni Directory

Register for UB Connect and begin looking for your UB contacts!  Search the directory and check out your own profile.

Alumni Locator Service

If you are having trouble finding someone on UB Connect or if you just don’t have time, give us a call at 1-800-284-5382 or send an email and we’ll be happy to do the research.

UB Mentor Network

Build and strengthen your UB network by becoming a mentor or finding a mentor. UB alumni are involved in fields from engineering to entertainment, and would be happy to share their expertise and advice to help you get ahead.  Click here to find or be a mentor.

Social Networks

Today’s fast-paced world means a lot of communication is done on the Internet, and the UB Alumni Association has a strong online presence. Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Flickr, and UB Connect…check it out and stay connected!

Regional Chapters and Affiliates

Alumni chapters and affiliates in the U.S. (including one for UB employees) and around the world bring UB alumni together to network and share UB memories. Contact a chapter or affiliate leader in your area to learn more, or find an upcoming chapter or affiliate event.



Albany, NY

Volunteers wanted!
Contact Mike Jankowski

Orlando, FL

Joshua Ramos, BA '06

Atlanta, GA

Dean Seneca, BA '90

Philadelphia/Delaware Valley

Gary Jastrzab, BA '76 & BA '76

Baltimore, MD

Molly Timko, BA '02

Raleigh/Durham, NC

Jeffrey Marshall, BS '93

Boston, MA

Volunteers wanted!
Contact Mike Jankowski

San Francisco Bay Area

Volunteers wanted!
Contact Joy Wrona

Charlotte, NC

Arielle Larmondra, BS '06

Seattle, WA

Christa Peck, BA '09 & BS '09

Chicago, IL

Volunteers wanted!
Contact Mike Jankowski

Tampa Bay, FL

David Kulju, BS ’96

Cleveland, OH

Volunteers wanted!
Contact Mike Jankowski

UB Employee Chapter

Joel Thompson, BA '04

Detroit, MI

Jeff Kless, BS '90




International Alumni Chapters


Hanfeng Yang (Oliver Young), MBA ’04

Hong Kong

Jennifer Piccone, B.S. ’95, MBA ’99


Tanri Abeng, MBA ’69

Inanti Diran-Lubis, EdM ’91
Asmir Agoes, MA ’82 & Irid Agoes, PhD ’99, MA ’82


Toshio Matsutani, PhD ’85, MBA ’77
Jack Witt, EdM ’87, BA ’84


Seong-Kon Kim, PhD '84 & MA '81
Dr. Jinkyu Lee, PhD ’90, MA ’84

Moon-Kyeom Kim (Business Administration)

Sung Soo Kim (Medicine)

Jin-kyu Lee (Humanities)

Yoo-Sung Min (Business Administration)

Kyung-Joon Sung (Humanities)

Kee Chun (Social Science)

Jeong-Kook Kim (Natural Sciences) 

Chul Woo Kim (Social Science) 

Young-Suk Kwon (Business Administration)

Jong-Il Park (Engineering)

Sung-Hyun Park (Business Administration)       

Chon-Suck Suh (Law) 

Gun-Jong Yeo (Humanities)